Our responsibility


The Omnicon Group stands for building partnerships with our customers, for innovative products and the highest quality standards. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and all products are tested according to the EN 12878 and EN 934 concrete admixture standard. In addition, Omnicon is registered as a manufacturer under REACH.



As a supplier to the construction and concrete industry, we are aware of our responsibility, which is why the term sustainability has defined our entire corporate strategy for several years. In practice, this means that we always include the factors of ecology, economy and society when making decisions.
We want to find forward-looking, transparent solutions for the future of our group of companies and our customers. Therefore, some time ago we started to examine our products for their environmental influences. This gave rise to the idea of ​​a green product line that complements our proven products.
We want to take a holistic view of the topic of sustainability and have therefore set ourselves goals that not only affect our products, but our entire group of companies including buildings.
The company premises at our main location in Sønderborg are being renovated and rebuilt according to the latest environmental standards. We use our own photovoltaic systems to generate energy and use surface and roof water in our production and to wash our containers. In addition, administration buildings as well as production and storage halls are designed to meet requirements.